A "Perfect" Cup of Tea

9 Feb

There is no perfect way to brew a cup of tea. Customs and rituals associated with tea drinking date back thousands of years ago with countless traditions originating from China, Japan, and the UK. With a culturally diverse history, the art of brewing the best cup of tea changes with personal preference. We would love to learn more about how you brew your tea all over the world. For now, we wanted to offer a few helpful hints.

  •   Best Water Quality – For Flavor

When preparing tea, be sure to use fresh water. Artesian spring water is preferred over tap water. Tap water should generally be avoided due to water treatments with chlorine and fluoride which can affect the taste of your tea. Never use hot tap water because impurities can arise from the water heater. You should also be careful when using bottled water since spring water and purified water all have different mineral content. Choosing the type of water is the most fundamental step if you want to improve the flavor of your tea. Try preparing multiple cups of tea with different sources of water and you will taste the difference.

  • Best Tea Quality

Finding the best quality tea is not an easy task. At major grocers you’ll mostly find average-quality bagged teas. If you’re willing to sacrifice quality and taste for cost then bagged teas are perfect for you. These types of teas are mass-produced and lack the quality and full-flavor of loose leaf tea. When it comes to purchasing quality tea, health food stores and tea houses are a great place to start. The demand for quality tea is growing and choosing a good supplier is important. Here at Tiesta Tea we strive to make the highest quality teas more accessible to you. You can see our full selection here.

  • How much tea should I use?

Start with 1 to 2 teaspoons per 8 ounces and slowly adjust the ratio to your personal preference. Tiesta Tea makes this process simple by including the recommended measurements and water temperature for brewing right on our packaging. Check it out below.

  • Water Temperature

Even though Tiesta Tea puts the ideal water temperature for each tea right on the package, there’s no harm in learning more. Water temperature is a critical element in the process of preparing a perfect cup of tea. It doesn’t matter which method of water boiling you choose to take because they all follow the same guidelines: Heat the water in glass, clay, or ceramic teapot until boiling (~212̊ F) and then allow the water to cool to the recommended temperature before brewing.

Questions for you:

1. How do you brew your tea?

2. Are there tea-drinking traditions and customs in your family?

3. Do you generally drink bagged teas or loose leaf?

4. Do you want higher quality teas available at your major grocers?


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