Yerba Mate – A Different Take On Caffeine

2 Mar

The search continues for energizing beverages. Coffee drinkers are seeking alternatives to avoid the caffeine “crash” and other unwanted side effects. Some consumers are turning to a world of chemical-rich, sugar-filled caffeinated beverages that offer the same “crash” effect as coffee without any coffee-related health benefits. Consumers looking for a healthier alternative have been catching on to a recent craze in America and longtime tradition in South America: Yerba Mate.

Tiesta Tea Kokomate

Yerba Mate is an herb found in the holly shrubs of South American rain forests. It’s gained godly power through it’s religious ties in Latin America and South America. In many Latin countries, mate is a popular daily drink and has become known for its boost in energy, mental clarity, and performance. It is theorized that the leaves of the mate tree contain over twenty vitamins and minerals and dozens of amino acids and antioxidants.

Drinking mate is a longtime tradition in South America and is more recently gaining interest in America. The herb is brewed just like loose leaf Tiesta Tea; with hot water and loose leaves. It contains a natural caffeine that many argue is a different form than the caffeine found in coffee. It’s believed to provide the drinker with same energizing effect of coffee without the shakes and crashes later on.

Try mate today and let us know your opinion!


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