National Iced Tea Month – Brew Iced Loose Leaf

1 Jun

It’s getting hot outside and we’re excited to announce that June is National Iced Tea Month! If you’ve never ventured away from traditional tea then it’s a perfect time to expand your horizons and refresh your body with a frosty glass of iced specialty tea. We’ve been working hard to create specialty fruit blends and infusions that make for some of the tastiest and healthiest iced beverages in the world!


Tiesta Tea Maui Mango – Tiesta Tea Chunky Watermelon

Tiesta Tea Fireberry – Tiesta Tea Palm Beach Punch 

Tiesta Tea Blueberry Wild Child – Tiesta Tea Kiwi Cherry Bonanza

Tiesta Tea Fruity Pebbles – Tiesta Tea Lean Green Machine

Tiesta Tea Sweet Citrus HoneydewTiesta Tea Passion Berry Jolt

How to Brew Iced Loose Leaf Tea

1. Heat water to recommended temperature for tea type.

2. Double the amount of recommended tea per serving size.

3. Steep your tea for the recommended steeping time. 

4. Ideally, let the tea air cool to room temperature and add ice.

5. You can also refrigerate or add ice immediately after steeping.

6. Add lemon juice and/or agave to sweeten.

7. Enjoy!


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