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Keep Healthy with Exercise

12 Jan

The odds are highly stacked against us with sticking to a fitness plan. Statistics show that people are not just keeping with their programs, but making up excuses for why it can’t be done. The time has come to get away from the excuses and stick with the exercise.

Top three excuses…

  • No time
  • Too tired, stressed
  • Too old

Keep Cozy with Indian Spices

29 Dec

Spices are loaded with health benefits that go along with their amazing ability to keep you warm during the cold season. So keep on track with these five spices and make sure they stay in your diet this winter.


  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Cardamom
  • Cloves
  • Ginger

Tea 101

27 Dec

Not sure how each type of tea can benefit your health? It can get confusing when it comes to knowing which tea does what towards your well being. This list keeps it very simple for you so there is no confusion.


  • Black tea
  • Green tea
  • Oolong tea
  • Pu-erh tea
  • White tea


The Many Benefits of Quality Rest

21 Dec

The lack of poor sleep can effect us beyond recognition. We need to make sure we get plenty of sleep to strive in the work place, keep a positive attitude, and most important, to stay healthy.

Benefits of quality sleep…

  • You’re better able to avoid car accidents
  • You’re better able to ward of illness
  • You’ll have a better advantage in maintaining a healthy weight
  • You’re more likely to see a doctor in the ER who’s well rested
  • Students get better grades when they are well rested
  • Sleep might help you keep your job
  • The day might be brighter
  • The heart doesn’t sleep, but sleep helps the heart

A stress free Holiday season.

21 Dec

The holidays are here, and when you’re feeling frazzled and in a hurry, we can’t forget that nature has provided us with foods that are known to have calming effects. There are also certain combinations of foods that can leave you feeling blissful, as well as satisfied and nourished.


Healthy Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays

20 Dec

There really is no need to get away from being healthy just because it is the holiday season. Yes, we all might induldge in some delicious eats, but we need to keep the healthy options available as well. Here are some stocking stuffer ideas to help make it a healthy holiday.

Stocking stuffers…

Vitamin D during the Winter months.

14 Dec


The colder months are here, so its time to talk Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin! During fall and winter, the sun sets earlier, its rays are weaker, and we have the tendency to stay indoors longer. So how are we supposed to obtain this essential ‘sunshine’ vitamin when nature is working against us? And by the way, Vitamin D deficiency is fairly common in those who live in warm sunny climates as well as colder climates.

                            Some foods that contain Vitamin D are:





                                              -Egg yolks                    

Keep a Healthy Heart this Holiday Season

13 Dec

Keeping the heart warm and cozy with smiles, family, and friends is what the holiday season is all about. People tend to get cases of anxiety, which can be very harmful to your heart. The holiday heart syndrome indicates that your heart is way more vulnerable to certain forms of arrhythmia. Also, the three Ss is a major contributor to the unwanted condition, (stress, smoking and scotch).

Keep healthy during the holiday season with these tips…

  • Substitute butter with olive oil
  • Cut back the salt
  • Go green
  • Splash with cranberry juice
  • Check where the fat goes
  • Add some good fat
  • Intensity matters

Green Tea Extract Helps with Muscle Damage

12 Dec

When you are just getting started at the health club, it is next to impossible to wake up the next morning without being sore. Certain studies have shown that green tea extract will help in the rebuilding of muscles.

Get the details with…

  • Study details
  • Green tea extract

Four Natural Foods with Great Benefits

6 Dec

Stick with all natural foods and you can’t go wrong. They will keep us healthy and make sure we never have to take bad pills that may do more bad then good. And you guessed it, tea has made it to the list once again.

Natural foods and benefits…

  • Vinegar can lower blood sugar
  • Honey soothes a cough
  • Chamomile tea eases pain from menstrual cramps
  • Peppermint oil relieves IBS symptoms
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