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The Growing Popularity of Chai Tea

5 Jan

The thick delicious tasting chai tea has become a mecca of the tea world in America. With its non-stop growing popularity, people have become more aware of its phenominal taste and abundent health benefits. With all the herbs and spices in chai tea explains the plentiful health benefits.

Some health benefits…

  • Aid digestion
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reducing diabetes

Tea Infused Cocktails

20 Sep

There is a new trend catching on in the states with the fast growing popularity of tea. People and restaurants are beginning to create new cocktail twists with a little help from a popular trend. Infusing all the delicious tea flavors in your cocktails has brought a whole new life to your tea party.

Infused cocktail examples…

Matcha: The New Superfood Trend

23 Aug

Matcha seems to be the new trend in the world of tea. People seemed to be infatuated with this product because it is said to outperform green tea.

Appealing because…

  • Higher in Antioxidants
  • Low in Caffeine
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Consumption of tea in America is picking up

5 Aug

Here’s an article from January giving some statistics about tea consumption in the U.S and the reasons behind it. Pretty interesting stuff, and it looks like it’s only going to keep growing.

Tea of all types are growing…

  • Liquid
  • Tea bags
  • Herbal tea bags
  • Organic tea

Find out why Americans are catching the trend

New V8 energy drink features green tea

4 Aug

V8 energy drinks provide…

  • All natural fruit and vegetable juices
  • Natural extracts of green tea
  • Great nutrition as V8 has always offered
  • A boost in energy, as it gives as much natural caffeine as a conventional 8-ounce cup of premium coffee

Get the inside scoop

Innovative new idea that will help those in need

3 Aug

This is really neat, not only can you heat up your tea but you can also charge your cellphone! Watch the video here ———>

Rooibos tea may be taking over

25 Jul

Rooibos, which literally translates to “red bush” in Afrikaans, is a plant grown in South Africa, and its leaves are used to make a herbal tea. Popular with South Africans for generations, the benefits of this natural reddish-brown-coloured herb are finally reaching further afield.

It is already becoming popular here in the United States with some celebrities. I say we all jump on the bandwagon.

Get the full story here ——->

Tea In Music: Paul McCartney

1 Feb

Paul McCartney – “English Tea”

Canadians Keep It Loose – Americans Bag It

25 Jan

I was reading industry insight provided by the Tea Association of Canada when I came across an interesting statistic: In Canada specialty tea sales are greater than regular tea sales. Here in America we still spend a majority of our money on the boring stuff. At Tiesta Tea we strive to change that.

How long do you think it will it take America to transition to specialty teas?

Tea In Music: The Who

17 Jan

The Who – “Tea & Theatre”

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